Pure natural product

RUIGHUID processes leather with the animal's life history visible on the outside.
Of excellent quality and processed by the best tanners in the Netherlands. Made from hides from the Netherlands or Europe. Not just any leather, but leather as it is. Lively and pleasant.


Exclusivity is the key word within our company.
No two skins are the same.
This makes every lifestyle product from RUIGHUID unique.
RUIGHUID stands for tough and honest products.
Handmade without the help of machines.

European quality hides

The skins are a residual product from the meat processing industry or come from controlled hunting. The hides and furs are tanned and thus given a new purpose. Everything from the animals is processed, such as the meat, skin, horns, etc. So they are not slaughtered or hunted for their skin. All the hides are legally obtained and comply with international standards and legislation. Ruighuid selects the hides itself and checks them for quality.