Leather is the foundation and is the material in which RUIGHUID finds the challenge in designing and developing. Each product is created in the Netherlands from concept to functional form.

Liesbeth Coelen is the creative designer of various RUIGHUID products. These are conceivable for every room. From enriching a living room to making an office reception area stately. All products are carefully crafted in our own studio with the aim of catching attention with this specific material and shape.


Each process is carried out within the facilities of the RUIGHUID workshop. This means that the production cycle is kept short, because it is manufactured on location. No standard objects and products. Only authentic design of artisan quality, pieces with emotional values. Everything made by hand, thorough and unique. The objects, products and pieces are never exactly the same. Every design that leaves the studio is completely unique thanks to the versatile but also unique natural material. It exudes the style of RUIGHUID!


RUIGHUID is a label with, among other things, pots and vases in the collection, which are designed to make an exclusive statement in the space. All objects are intended to embellish the interior in a special way. A well-thought-out design, made with the beauty of the leather or skin.

With the properties of leather you get:
• High-quality material that lasts a long time.
• Unique versions of each skin
• Statement for your interior.